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Scientific Services
Amatola Water has a well equipped laboratory used to analyse samples of raw and treated water for internal use and for external customers. 
Water quality is a contentious and a sensitive issue. Amatola Water is constantly exploiting new technology in order to ensure that it is regarded as a service provider that will ensure the delivery of “high quality, cost-effective and sustainable water services. Consistent internal monitoring audits conducted on samples of water produced at all treatment plants managed by Amatola Water ensures that water quality levels remain at a high standard. ISO14000 and ISO 17025 quality control standards to improve internal management systems have been implemented. Amatola Water remains an active role player in DWS’s National Microbial Monitoring Programme (NMMP) as well as the Provincial Drinking Water Quality Task Team (PDWQTT).
An initiative that serves to ensure Amatola Water’s participation in social development and to ensure that the organisation continues to improve the lives of the people of the Eastern Cape through improved product quality is the collaborative agreement between the Scientific Services Department and the Department of Biochemistry and Microbiology of the University of Fort Hare to participate in research activities that contribute to water quality improvement. The partnership is also beneficial in influencing policy in the region concerning water quality management at local and provincial government levels.