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Amatola Water invests considerable effort in maintaining a dedicated planning capability. These planning resources and expertise are shared with clients in business and development planning. The availability of this service facilitates and encourages integrated planning among participating institutions in the local government services arena.
In offering project management services, Amatola Water does not compete directly with external consultants, but rather provides an overall project implementing management function that seeks to ensure that the best interests of the client is exercised. The scope of Amatola Water´s involvement in municipalities´ infrastructure development processes may include any of the project stages, starting from preliminary planning right through to final project implementation and evaluation.
Amatola Water maintains a Geographical Information System (GIS) and liaison is maintained with DWS as well as with local government institutions regarding issues of common interest.
The Water Services Act requires that Amatola Water prepares an infrastructure plan that cover short, medium and long term infrastructure requirements. The planning and development approach seeks to assure reliable and adequate water services supply across municipal boundaries and, by considering regional potentials and constraints, seeks to leverage operational economies of scale to enhance long-term service delivery to all consumers.
The methodology used to develop Amatola Water´s Infrastructure Mater Plan (IMP) is similar to that used for the preparation of Water Sector Development Plans (WSDPs) and Water Services Plans (WSPs) by local government authorities. Amatola Water therefore has the capability to offer local municipalities assistance with both the preparation of appropriate planning and assistance in implementing the WSPs.
Amatola Water has expertise in carrying out basic designs on small infrastructure projects. Design on medium to large projects is outsourced to appropriate consultants but can be project managed as a service to clients.
Amatola Water plans and implements proactive maintenance on all relevant infrastructure in order to maintain the assurance of water supply at required levels.
Initiatives include the upgrading of pumping stations and telemetry systems and the implementation of programmes for preventative and predictive maintenance activity. Specialist maintenance services offered include the alignment of machinery and plant troubleshooting.
Amatola Water has participated in various capacities in pipeline development projects for pipeline design and construction work executed for municipalities and as part of the improvement of its own bulk networks. Where Amatola Water is not the implementing agent, it is typically invited to provide technical and institutional comments on aspects from design to commissioning stages. Due to in-field servicing requirements, Amatola Water´s Institutional and Social Development (ISD) facilitator has been called upon to lead facilitation efforts even where Amatola Water is not the appointed implementing agent. Such arrangements have worked well, helping to ensure the sustainability of projects and the smooth operation and maintenance thereof.