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Amatola Water offers municipalities ease of engagement though the Municipal Finance Management Act (MFMA) and the Municipal Systems Act (MSA) concerning water services. In terms of these acts, municipalities are entitled to engage the services of Amatola Water through direct negotiation rather than through normal procurement processes. The legislation provision empowers municipalities to respond rapidly to the dynamic and demanding environment of water services.
With highly trained and competent personnel in a range of scientific, engineering, accounting, legal human resources, social and management sciences and marketing and communication disciplines Amatola Water is able to extended this expertise to its customers, ensuring competent service and satisfaction in all dealings with Amatola Water. The product and service offering is further enhanced by its performance based culture, superior management, asset management and enterprise management systems.
Amatola Water is internationally competitive in Water Demand Management, Water Quality Assurance and governance. This, together with the accreditation of its laboratory, superior infrastructure asset management, exceptional performance (Amatola Water does not receive grant funding) allowing for acceptable tariffs, rapid response times and its focus on becoming the core of provincial water service provider for the Eastern Cape Province, makes Amatola Water the service provider of choice in bringing Bulk Water Sales