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Enterprise Development
Successful integration of Enterprise Development will play a key role in South Africa's long-term economic growth and transformation. Small and Medium Enterprises are widely recognized as a substantial economic growth and employment generator. Because of this dynamic, Enterprise Development offers unique transformation opportunities. The intent of Enterprise Development is for larger businesses to introduce initiatives that typically accelerate the development of sustainable, and ultimately financial and operational independent beneficiaries.

Amatola Water has commenced its Enterprise Development strategy aimed at developing enterprises that operate in the water sector in the Eastern Cape Region. This initiative will incorporate the principle of exchange. The strategy seeks to enhance the sustainability of small and medium-sized businesses (in compliance with the BBBEE guidelines) and provide an enabling environment that is conducive to achieving long term financial sustainability.

The intention is to support enterprises to realize direct economic benefit through support for growth of the Small and Medium Enterprise sector. Enterprise Development constitutes the support of other businesses with the intention of achieving specific impact as defined in the BBBEE Codes.

There are 2 categories of beneficiaries:

   Category A: These beneficaries are more than 50% black owned and have a turnover of less than R35m.

   Category B: Either 50% black owned business with an annual turnover of more than 35m or; 25% black owned business 
                        with a level 6 BEE Certificate or better.

   B-BBEE Certificates

   SHE Plan Assistance: This refers to suppliers that have been awarded jobs by suppliers.

   Workshops such as :
      •  B-BEE Workshops
      •  Tendering Advice Workshops
      •  Health and Safety Workshops